Welcome to the North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District web site. For over 50 years the District has provided high-quality water and sewer service to the Fairmount Community as well as portions of the Cities of Arvada, Golden and Wheat Ridge. We currently provide service to over 10,000 residents, businesses and industries. Inside these pages, we have attempted to answer many of your questions regarding water rates, billing, water conservation and payment options.

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Emergency Contact: 303-279-2854
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Visit the "Restrictions/Conservation" page to view our summer of 2014 water restrictions.

During September of 2013 our area experienced the worst flooding seen in many years. Many of our water supplies were adversely affected including Ralston Reservoir which provides the residents of North Table Mountain, Arvada, and a large portion of Denver with their drinking water. Normally, the quality of water in the reservoir is exceptional, allowing us to serve some of the highest quality drinking water in the region to our customers. For several weeks after the flood, the water in Ralston Reservoir was more than 400 times murkier than usual. It was quite literally just a few steps down from mud. Denver was able to shut down their treatment plant that draws from Ralston and switch to an alternate supply. North Table Mountain and Arvada didnít have that option. Within just a few hours North Table Mountain was able to retool the treatment process and find the optimal chemical dosages to restart the treatment plant and satisfy the demands of our customers. Many of you have noticed the earthy taste and/or odor in your drinking water; this has been common for all of the customers of Ralston Reservoir. The quality of the water in the reservoir has improved immensely over the past few months, but has not recovered completely to the pre-flood conditions. It will still take a while to get back to normal quality. We at North Table Mountain continue to supply our customers with safe drinking water.

We would like to thank all of our customers that reduced their water use during the first few weeks after the flood and allowed us to operate at a level most beneficial for treatment. We would also like to say thank you for your patience as we transition back to our high quality drinking water.

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Remember! You are also required to notify North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District at 303-279-2854.